Meet the cast.

This is a little “Meet the cast” post I came up with so people that read this story can get to know each member of the story a little before hand but no plot related info will be shared here thats for you to find out as the story goes.

Stanley Gibbs.ย  Age: 65 (before death) Bloodtype: A Occupation: Unemployed Traits:Brave, Insane, Atlethic, good sense of humor, Genius

Stanley used to live in Bridgeport in his younger years, but like the rest of the cast he was mysteriously transported to the new world he finds himself in.

Maria Campbell. Age: 32 Bloodtype: O Occupation: Unemplyed Traits: Loves the outdoors, Evil, Heavy sleeper, Lucky, Friendly

Maria Hails from Starlit shores, She used to be a famous singer untill the unknown accident that left her stranded on the new world with nothing but a few belongings.

Elena Cole. Age: 26 Bloodtype: B, Occupation: unemployed Traits: Inappropiate, Loner, Artistic, grumpy, commitment issues

Elena hails from Riverview, an orphan since birth she was taken in by an old man who taught her the things she needed in life to find happiness.

Rebecca Lane. Age. 16 Bloodtype: AB+ Occupation: Student Traits: Clumsy, Natural Cook, Excitable, family oriented

Rebecca hails from Plesantview, she is your typical Teenage girl desperate to find true love and to make friends with anyone she meets.

Daniel Tobayahi. Age: 26 Bloodtype A+ Occupation: unemplyed Traits: Brave, Loner, Hotheaded, Good, Commitment issues

Daniel comes from Lucky palms, somewhat of a playboy flirting with anything he sees as long as its female. His reason for beeing with the group is unclear but its obvious he is hiding a secret from the rest.

Haruka Ling. Age: 22 Bloodtype: B+ Occupation: unemplyed Traits: Unflirty,no sense of humor, commitment issues, loner, Frugal

Haruka was born and raised in twinbrook, not much is known about Haruka since she doesnt talk about her past.

Hatsune Miku. Age: 17 Bloodtype O- Occupation: Unemployed Traits: Friendly, Lucky, Charismatic, Natural born performer, hopeless romatic

Miku is not like most girls her age, she is talented in various things from singing to dancing. Before coming to the mysteerious world through a machine she found hidden in her home in lucky palms, she enjoyed her career as a vocal legend but now that she is stranded with possibly no way home what life will she make for herself, only time will tell.

And thats it for the “meet the cast” section of this story hope it was interesting and feel free to post comments about any of the characters.

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a new beginning?

After having used a old machine back in Lucky palms that she was curious about Miku suddenly found herself in a strange new world, as she exited the machine that had brought her to this strange looking world she couldnt help but stand there puzzled for a while and look at her suroundings before trying to find a place to stay for the night.

Miku could not help but think that this might not even be her home planet anymore.

(this is the house that was made with the blueprint tool while in game its not the best looking house using that mode but its decent and will suit the story hopefully and additions will be made if required)

Author’s note: Miku has fairy wings in the screenies for a reason that will be revealed in the next part.

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a new place to call home?

Since Miku doesnt live in Lucky palms anymore I’ve decided to kind of forego the plot I had planned atleast the part that was gonna occur in lucky palms so I’ll start the “new story” which will be a mix of seasons/supernatural from the point where Miku ends up in Lunar Lakes so stay tuned ๐Ÿ™‚

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The house tour part 2

After seeing the rest of the first floor, Miku signaled to the reporter that she was ready to show him the second floor. Come I’ll show you my room first.


Image(hallway to some spare bedrooms)

ImageThis is my room she said to the reporter as she walked towards her bed, its not much but its enough for me, alright lets continue the tour shall we.

ImageThis is where I relax and listen to some music she giggled, I also have my computer here for when I need a breather.

ImageThis is another room but its currently not in use Miku said to the reporter and the stairs going down is to a spare kitchen, alright time to show you my garden as the last area for the tour, she said signaling the reporter to follow her.

ImageMiku becons the reporter to come and see for himself the garden she worked hard at making just perfect.

Image(resting area for when you just wanna chill in the yard)

Image(picknick area for when lots of sims vissit)

Image( a pit to sit around and roast marshmellows in the evenings)

ImageAnd this is my fountain of wishes, oh hold on it seems there is a gemstone lying on the ground, she said to herself after getting sidetracked from the tour because of it.

ImageMiku had to scold the reporter a bit when he tried to peek into a unused storage room, no she said nothing to see here. Its just a empty storage room nothing interesting.

ImageAnd this concludes the tour she said to the reporter after showing him outside, I hope it was interesting for both you and your readers. But I hope that I dont read anything bad after having shown you my home, she said in a joking manner.

author’s notes: next post will deal with the founder herself so stay tuned folks.

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The house tour part 1

Miku had set up a house tour for one of the towns up and coming journalists, she greeted him at the door and proceded to show him and the rest of the townspeople her home.


As they went inside Miku turned around and signaled the journalist that this was the way to the dining room and kitchen area.


The reporter followed the energetic Miku to the dining room/kitchen,

Imagethis is my dining room she exclaimed


Imageand here is my rather smal but adequate kitchen area, now if you follow me I’ll show you the rest of the first floor she said to the reporter.

Imageback in the hallway she said that the doors led to various rooms, such as the bathroom and further down behind her was a resting area for those that wanted to do some reading.



Image (continues in part 2)

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A Legacy Begins.

It was merely days ago that Miku had moved from SimCity to Lucky Palms, after having graduated from College she decided she needed a fresh start on life. When she had settled in to her new home, she decided she would go sightsee and perhaps meet its people, she decided on starting with the park.


The first thing that caught her eye was the so called Wishing Well, and naturally she had to take a peek. And try and make a wish to determine if the rumours where true or not,


(Miku making a wish of hapiness for herself)


(the wish probably coming true.)

After doing a little bit of exploring, she headed home to reflect on what she had seen that day.

Image (zoomed out view of her home)

Image (miku on her balcony doing her peace pose)

In the next post I’ll give those that are interested a little tour of the house, and a proper introduction of my founder. ๐Ÿ™‚

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third time’s the charm

this is my latest atempt at a new legacy like my first its gonna be matriatrical (female heirs) I will start the new legacy officially in my next post which should be up in about 30 min or so after this one is up (will have to make the sim and such) so stay tuned for what might be a longer lasting legacy from me than the previous ones ๐Ÿ™‚

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another atempt

decided to start from scratch again as I dont really play the other legacy anymore as I have another family I play constantly so I will instead just focus my legacy on that family which I will do later today so stay tuned ๐Ÿ˜‰


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a unexpected arival in the form of a sister

it had been a few days since the accident that caused the local school building to crumble and already Misizu was moving on with life after school that day she had gone to the grind to chill out and forget all the bad things that had happened to her in her short life

but even there she couldnt get away from people who knew her and who knew abou just how unlucky she was she spendt her time there untill it was time to head home it was nearly midnight but when she came home she was met with an unknown person to her

little did she know that this “person” was in fact her long lost half sister who had been studying abroad but Misizu had never known her or even known of her existance untill today they spendt the rest of the evening talking and getting to know one another. Little did she know that her sister was not the only person she would be re aquainted with in the coming days.

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life of a accident prone sim is not always the end of things.

Misizu was still settling in in her new town feeling ready to find out what kind of life waited for her here so she decided to check what this town had to offer in the ways of entertainment and jobs, her first stop would be the local bars and clubs, Little did she know that her past would come back to haunt her when she came back home from the clubs and bars. Her grandmother, younger sister and her auntย  had come back from the other side to see how she was doing.

On her way to school the very next day an unfortunate accident happened yet again only this time no one got hurt, as she waited for the buss the unthinkable happened another meteor struck the home she had lived in since she was born,

luckily for her the bus had just started driving when the comet hit ground the only damage was to the estate lawn, but it still scared the teen almost to the point of death, she didnt feel safe in her home anymore than she already had felt but she wasnt gonna run away this time, she had to find out why she was considerable more accident prone than the average sim, so she planned to go to cityhall the next day and see if she could find some answers to her questions but even at school she was not safe Misizu cursed her rotten luck as the meteor landed on top of the school.

only a few gotย  hurt but there was considerable damage done to the school so it was closed untill they had repaired it so misizu whent home to reflect on what had happened that day in the way she always does it, by faiting.

(Author’s note: I seem to have a bit of bad luck with meteors as I wrote this part lol one stuck at the home Misizu was lucky to escape that one but then at school not one but two meterors stuck in quick succession poor kids and teachers having to die in such a manner for the story to progress but I guess the universe doesnt like Misizu much due to her accident prone’ness)

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