a second set of twins getting older

monica and jill just had their birthday and are now children.

Jill as a child

Monica as a child

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5 Responses to a second set of twins getting older

  1. enkeli63 says:

    Awww, they’re adorable too! Did they develop the hair styles naturally or did you change them? The “genetic hairstyle” thing is getting to me and I have no idea if they changed that with WA or not because I’ve had no luck testing long enough, so far!

  2. blaze024 says:

    changed them after they reached child stage as for changing it nah they didnt change the genetic hairstyle thing for WA

  3. enkeli63 says:

    My computer rebooted due to updates, and you were typing something but I didn’t get a chance to say brb. You’re showing as on mobile right now so I didn’t want to send a message if it charges you to receive it.


    I sure enjoy chatting with you! Thanks for making my night so fun.

  4. blaze024 says:

    any time hun 😀 just glad I’m able to make you enjoy the time you spend chatting with me and I whent to bed got rather tired was pretty much saying I’m heading to bed and that I would talk to you tomorow but before I could send it you had logged off

  5. dustydreamer says:

    All girls again! I notice there are always alot of girls in legacies. XD

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