teenagers at last

Michelle and Erika only recently became teenagers and they knew that the time to bring in the next generation of their family came closer with each passing day. their new traits are bookworm and charismatic (Michelle is charismatic and Erika the bookworm)

Michelle after reaching her teenage years

and here is Erika

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5 Responses to teenagers at last

  1. enkeli63 says:

    Holy smokes!! You’re really playing on Long 190 day age setting? They’re growing up soooooo fast! They’re both so beautiful. I looked at the full size images to see if I find one prettier than the other, but I don’t. I don’t have a favourite among the twins. Do you?

  2. blaze024 says:

    nope dont have a favorite and yeah I am running on 190 day setting its just that I play for looooong periods of time hence why they grow up rather fast as I am writing this the other set of twins (the 2nd pair) (one of them named after you) πŸ˜‰ are just 5 days from reaching child stage oh and stiles have become a elder ( he was way older than Heather when they met) (half way though adult stage) so he will die sooner than her

    • enkeli63 says:

      You’re so lucky! I’m glad your game is running well enough for extended gameplay πŸ˜€ Mine… is driving me bonkers! LOL I just can’t figure out for the life of me WHAT is going on. And I have not seen these two new babies! What do they look like? What are their personalities?

      In my game, the Lords family actually has 4 little babies from Tristan and Lianna. I didn’t update the story with that because I like to be one episode ahead in gameplay when I write the story, in case there’s anything I want to hint at. I think I’ll be playing them on the weekend, even if there’s glitches. I’ll write it into their story somehow!

  3. blaze024 says:

    will post pics of the 2nd pair of twins when they reach child age as for their traits they are as follows. Monica: Nice and friendly and Jill: Virtusio and distant they are yet to get their 3rd trait but will edit this post when they reach child stage and let ya know the other two traits πŸ™‚

  4. dustydreamer says:

    Aww, they are pretty!

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