the Johnson estate thus far

sine starting the legacy house I have managed to progress quite a bit on it currently I have a decently sized basement filled with nectar machines and nectar cases a big first floor a second floor and recently I added a third floor it also has a big pool a play ground for the kids and a private cemeraty which should be able to hold quite a few sims

the legacy house from the outside

the basement

first floor and outside

second floor (still unfurnished)

third floor (also still not furnished)

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6 Responses to the Johnson estate thus far

  1. enkeli63 says:

    REALLY nice! I love the layout of the house and WOW, that is some awesome nectar room! I can’t wait to start adding onto my Legacy house. LOL, I see it in your screenshots 🙂 That’s very cool!

  2. blaze024 says:

    spendt loads of sim days to get the funds avaible to get this far on the house and its still far from complete lol second and third floor still need furnishing other than that its rather complete tho I wont make it bigger lol I think its big enough to last 10 generations the only thing that would get bigger would be the cemetary part other than that no more rooms will probably be added unless I see a need for it.

  3. blaze024 says:

    I’ll upload the house later to the exchange if you want it in your game tho it will be the house only (unless you request the household aswell) 🙂

    • enkeli63 says:

      It’s probably best to keep it the house only, because at least with Sims 2 it was always problematic to download households and I’m nervous about anything that might possibly cause troubles in the game. *rolls eyes at EA* I would definitely love to download the house!

  4. blaze024 says:

    will post it on the exchange then (house only) 🙂 and any future house I build which might be something you’d want in your game

  5. dustydreamer says:

    The house is looking great!

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