a new life in a new town (second legacy story)

it had been two months since the accident  that took her whole family Misizu was still in shock over what had happened just two months prior to moving from twinbrook to bridgeport, things had gone so well, but now everything fell apart for the young teen. had she known that looking through the telescope she got for her birthday would cause the deaths in her family she would never had asked for it as a birthday present she knew deep down that it was not her fault but she felt as though it was.

unlike most teens in her possition though her family had not left her without some inheritance,

she didnt like it there as it had been the site of so much tragedy and sorrow but she could do little else but live there as she didnt have the money to find something else at the time and she didnt really need to as the estate was big enough to continue the family line.  but for now all she could do was dwell on the memories of her deceased family.

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2 Responses to a new life in a new town (second legacy story)

  1. zoxell says:

    That is a an amazing lot! I’m rather curious to learn what Misizu saw through that telescope to cause such trouble!

  2. blaze024 says:

    she saw one bigass meteor and it pretty much killed everyone but her gotta love the random chance on that lol

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