life of a accident prone sim is not always the end of things.

Misizu was still settling in in her new town feeling ready to find out what kind of life waited for her here so she decided to check what this town had to offer in the ways of entertainment and jobs, her first stop would be the local bars and clubs, Little did she know that her past would come back to haunt her when she came back home from the clubs and bars. Her grandmother, younger sister and her aunt  had come back from the other side to see how she was doing.

On her way to school the very next day an unfortunate accident happened yet again only this time no one got hurt, as she waited for the buss the unthinkable happened another meteor struck the home she had lived in since she was born,

luckily for her the bus had just started driving when the comet hit ground the only damage was to the estate lawn, but it still scared the teen almost to the point of death, she didnt feel safe in her home anymore than she already had felt but she wasnt gonna run away this time, she had to find out why she was considerable more accident prone than the average sim, so she planned to go to cityhall the next day and see if she could find some answers to her questions but even at school she was not safe Misizu cursed her rotten luck as the meteor landed on top of the school.

only a few got  hurt but there was considerable damage done to the school so it was closed untill they had repaired it so misizu whent home to reflect on what had happened that day in the way she always does it, by faiting.

(Author’s note: I seem to have a bit of bad luck with meteors as I wrote this part lol one stuck at the home Misizu was lucky to escape that one but then at school not one but two meterors stuck in quick succession poor kids and teachers having to die in such a manner for the story to progress but I guess the universe doesnt like Misizu much due to her accident prone’ness)

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4 Responses to life of a accident prone sim is not always the end of things.

  1. dustydreamer says:

    How awful for the poor girl! But as awful as it is, I cant help laughing at the unfortunate sequence, she really is accident prone and unlucky!!

  2. blaze024 says:

    yeah she is and she cant even go to school or almost anywhere without a meteor hitting the town and lol yeah one cant help but laugh at the events that keep happening to her especially concerning the meteors I just feel sad about her first day at school the whole teacher staff and the students (cept her) died that day

  3. enkeli63 says:

    ROFL! Heck of a way to get the story moving 🙂

  4. blaze024 says:

    lol pretty much but such is the life of Misizu one disaster after another cant help but pity the young girl but at the same time laugh due to the events that happen

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