The house tour part 2

After seeing the rest of the first floor, Miku signaled to the reporter that she was ready to show him the second floor. Come I’ll show you my room first.


Image(hallway to some spare bedrooms)

ImageThis is my room she said to the reporter as she walked towards her bed, its not much but its enough for me, alright lets continue the tour shall we.

ImageThis is where I relax and listen to some music she giggled, I also have my computer here for when I need a breather.

ImageThis is another room but its currently not in use Miku said to the reporter and the stairs going down is to a spare kitchen, alright time to show you my garden as the last area for the tour, she said signaling the reporter to follow her.

ImageMiku becons the reporter to come and see for himself the garden she worked hard at making just perfect.

Image(resting area for when you just wanna chill in the yard)

Image(picknick area for when lots of sims vissit)

Image( a pit to sit around and roast marshmellows in the evenings)

ImageAnd this is my fountain of wishes, oh hold on it seems there is a gemstone lying on the ground, she said to herself after getting sidetracked from the tour because of it.

ImageMiku had to scold the reporter a bit when he tried to peek into a unused storage room, no she said nothing to see here. Its just a empty storage room nothing interesting.

ImageAnd this concludes the tour she said to the reporter after showing him outside, I hope it was interesting for both you and your readers. But I hope that I dont read anything bad after having shown you my home, she said in a joking manner.

author’s notes: next post will deal with the founder herself so stay tuned folks.

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5 Responses to The house tour part 2

  1. enkeli63 says:

    I’m sorry my earlier comment didn’t go through for some reason. I’ll try to remember what I’d said!! First, I know I was complimenting you on the gorgeous garden!!! I’m really impressed by it. I also asked you about the Tree of Prosperity. I heard that if you have it near the Wishing Well, something special happens. I would love to know what happens and if you have any screenshots of it! I can’t wait to find out more about the secret storage room πŸ˜›

  2. blaze says:

    what happens with the tree and the well is that at night around 1-3 am is that fireflies and faeries sometimes appear around the well and unfortunatly I dont have any screenies of it but I’ll try and take one the next time it happens and as for the storage room its nothing “secret” about it lol its just an unused little room where collectables might be stored in the future and who knows maybe I’ll have my cellar entrance there heh and as for the garden thanks took ages to get it just right oh and if your wondering about miku’s poses and such in these two posts I used custom poses (mods) to make her pose like she did (quite handy for story telling dont cha think?) πŸ™‚

  3. enkeli63 says:

    That’s cool about the Tree and the Well. I plan on getting Lunar Lakes one of these days. I think the storage room should include some kind of secret πŸ˜‰ It’s very mysterious that way! lol And yeah, I think the poses are pretty creative and could come in handy for storytelling. I guess it all depends how one writes their stories though. For me, I just play the game and take pictures of everything, then tell the story of what happened. So all my pics are of gameplay, but that’s just how I do it.

  4. blaze says:

    thats a good way to do it πŸ™‚ and poses help alot in that regard I think that is when they are used good and the storytelling is good as for a secret I have now been thinking of using that room for a story plot I have planed for later and Lunar Lakes will have a part in that plot aswell havent worked out all the details yet but I can say its gonna be unexpected for sure πŸ˜‰

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