Meet the cast.

This is a little “Meet the cast” post I came up with so people that read this story can get to know each member of the story a little before hand but no plot related info will be shared here thats for you to find out as the story goes.

Stanley Gibbs.  Age: 65 (before death) Bloodtype: A Occupation: Unemployed Traits:Brave, Insane, Atlethic, good sense of humor, Genius

Stanley used to live in Bridgeport in his younger years, but like the rest of the cast he was mysteriously transported to the new world he finds himself in.

Maria Campbell. Age: 32 Bloodtype: O Occupation: Unemplyed Traits: Loves the outdoors, Evil, Heavy sleeper, Lucky, Friendly

Maria Hails from Starlit shores, She used to be a famous singer untill the unknown accident that left her stranded on the new world with nothing but a few belongings.

Elena Cole. Age: 26 Bloodtype: B, Occupation: unemployed Traits: Inappropiate, Loner, Artistic, grumpy, commitment issues

Elena hails from Riverview, an orphan since birth she was taken in by an old man who taught her the things she needed in life to find happiness.

Rebecca Lane. Age. 16 Bloodtype: AB+ Occupation: Student Traits: Clumsy, Natural Cook, Excitable, family oriented

Rebecca hails from Plesantview, she is your typical Teenage girl desperate to find true love and to make friends with anyone she meets.

Daniel Tobayahi. Age: 26 Bloodtype A+ Occupation: unemplyed Traits: Brave, Loner, Hotheaded, Good, Commitment issues

Daniel comes from Lucky palms, somewhat of a playboy flirting with anything he sees as long as its female. His reason for beeing with the group is unclear but its obvious he is hiding a secret from the rest.

Haruka Ling. Age: 22 Bloodtype: B+ Occupation: unemplyed Traits: Unflirty,no sense of humor, commitment issues, loner, Frugal

Haruka was born and raised in twinbrook, not much is known about Haruka since she doesnt talk about her past.

Hatsune Miku. Age: 17 Bloodtype O- Occupation: Unemployed Traits: Friendly, Lucky, Charismatic, Natural born performer, hopeless romatic

Miku is not like most girls her age, she is talented in various things from singing to dancing. Before coming to the mysteerious world through a machine she found hidden in her home in lucky palms, she enjoyed her career as a vocal legend but now that she is stranded with possibly no way home what life will she make for herself, only time will tell.

And thats it for the “meet the cast” section of this story hope it was interesting and feel free to post comments about any of the characters.

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2 Responses to Meet the cast.

  1. enkeli63 says:

    They seem like an interesting bunch for sure! The post was sooooooo much easier to read on the white background too! I hope it wasn’t too much trouble to change 😉

  2. blaze says:

    heh I tried many different types but I settled for the one you use lol so nah wasnt too much of a hassle and yeah they are a tad annoying some of them lol but a interesting bunch non the less 🙂

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